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Enhancing your fertility potential
Reproductive, emotional & physical Wellness

Your physical health and overall well-being matter as much as reproductive health. Around 30% of infertility is linked to modifiable lifestyle factors. We know the significance of lifestyle changes in enhancing fertility and promoting reproductive health. That’s why we prioritise a holistic approach to fertility, unlocking your true potential, no matter your path to parenthood.

Ovulation enhancement techniques

Discover effective strategies to optimise ovulation and increase your chances of conceiving.

Nutritional support for fertility

Explore the power of nutrition in enhancing fertility, with personalised guidance on nourishing your body for reproductive success. 

Stress management for improved fertility

Our holistic approach includes stress reduction techniques to support your fertility journey and overall well-being. 

Hormonal balance

Our endocrinologists provided tailored solutions to help rebalance hormones and enhance reproductive health.

Physical wellness and weight management

Embrace a comprehensive approach to physical wellness, incorporating fitness and weight management strategies that can positively impact fertility and overall health.

Preconception health optimisation

Prepare for a successful pregnancy through preconception health evaluations and tailored lifestyle adjustments.

Genetic testing and counselling

Explore genetic testing options to identify any potential hereditary factors that may impact fertility. Our genetic counsellors will provide insights and guidance based on the results.

Emotional support and counselling

Access professional counseling services to address any emotional challenges or concerns related to your fertility journey. We’re here to provide a supportive environment throughout the process.

Couples counselling & intimacy enhancement

Strengthen emotional connection with specialised couples counseling and intimacy sessions. Address communication, emotional intimacy, and fertility journey support for a stronger relationship.

Personalised plans for your fertility goals

Your fertility journey is as individual as you are. Our experts create personalised plans aligned with your specific needs and aspirations. Whether you’re preparing for future conception or actively trying to conceive, our tailored approach provides guidance and support every step of the way.

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Timely access to specialists

We understand the frustration of navigating the healthcare system with long waiting times for specialist appointments. Our streamlined process offers prompt access to our experienced team of fertility specialists and consultants.

Enhancing natural fertility

If you’re looking to improve your natural fertility, we’re here to support you. Our specialists work closely with you to identify lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and supplements that can enhance reproductive health and increase your chances of conception. In addition, we’ll address any underlying issues, optimise fertility potential, and prepare your body for the rewarding journey of motherhood, whenever you’re ready.

Optimising therapies for women bubbles
Optimising therapies for women bubbles

Optimising assisted reproduction

If you’re undergoing assisted reproductive procedures, we can work with you to maximise your chances of success.  Our dedicated team of experts focuses on improving modifiable lifestyle factors and ensuring your body is at its best for your fertility journey.  Through personalised plans and comprehensive support, our aim is to create the optimal environment for your assisted reproductive treatment. This way, you can confidently move forward on your path to parenthood.

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Nationwide access

Comprehensive care shouldn’t be limited by distance. With our virtual appointments, you can easily connect with our diverse team of fertility specialists from anywhere in the UK. Whether you’re in the heart of a bustling city or a remote area, rest assured that our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Doctors & Specialists

Dr Justin Chu Circle
Dr. Justin Chu, MRCOG, MBChB. PhD

Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

17 years experience

Dr Chong Lim, MB ChB, FRCP, PhD

Endocrinologist ( Hormone Health Specialist Consultant)

16 years experience

Katherine Pleace, MSc, DipHE

Fertility & Menopause Nurse

16 years experience

Clair Engelbrecht, MSc (Med)

Genetic Counsellor

5 years experience

Douglas Twenefour, MPhil, PGDip, HCPC

Specialist Dietitian

20 years experience

Ann Perry
Annie Perry

Fertility Yoga Specialist

9 years experience

Gail Marra, MBSH

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

6 years experience

Natasha Anderson, MSc, BACP, UKCP, COSRT

Psychotherapist (Sex & Relationship therapist )

15 years experience

specialist bubble
Jennifer Bloxham, BSc, Dip

Nutritional Therapist

5 years experience

specialist bubble
Lisa Guilfoyle, MBACP, BICA

Fertility & Implications Counsellor

15 years experience

Maria McMaster Howells. MPhil

Personal Trainer

16 years experience

specialist bubble
Ciaran Hannington, BSc

Personal Trainer ( Men’s fertility health)

18 years experience

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The smart approach works


Michelle & Greg

“After struggling to conceive for a year, my husband and I decided to seek help. We came across ProFertility’s comprehensive fertility assessment. The process was straightforward, and the team of experts was incredibly supportive throughout. They provided some recommendations based on our results, and within a few months, we were overjoyed to find out we were expecting! ProFertility made our dream of becoming parents a reality, and we can’t thank them enough.”


“I had been struggling with intense menstrual pain for years, but my GP didn’t take my concerns seriously. Feeling frustrated, a friend referred me to ProFertility. With their support and assessment, we confirmed endometriosis. Now, working with their reproductive surgeon, I’m managing it. Grateful for their help!”


“I was curious about my sperm count but didn’t want to deal with clinic visits. I came across ProFertility’s at-home test kit. Easy to use with clear instructions, I received my results online within days, along with a detailed explanation. Understanding my fertility brought me peace of mind, feeling more prepared for my future family planning decisions.”