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Take charge of your fertility health with ProFertility. Our user-friendly app provides powerful insights, so you can easily track progress and make informed decisions on your fertility journey – all from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

Fertility health score: Empowering knowledge

Discover your overall fertility health with our unique Fertility Health Score. Track progress, understand factors impacting fertility, and stay motivated to reach your goals.

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Insights & results:
Your holistic fertility health

Get a clear picture of your reproductive health through visually engaging biomarker results. Gain valuable insights beyond blood tests, empowering informed decision-making.

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Expert guidance, anywhere

Connect with diverse specialists virtually, receiving comprehensive support for your fertility journey, regardless of your location.

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The smart approach works


Michelle & Greg

“After struggling to conceive for a year, my husband and I decided to seek help. We came across ProFertility’s comprehensive fertility assessment. The process was straightforward, and the team of experts was incredibly supportive throughout. They provided some recommendations based on our results, and within a few months, we were overjoyed to find out we were expecting! ProFertility made our dream of becoming parents a reality, and we can’t thank them enough.”


“I had been struggling with intense menstrual pain for years, but my GP didn’t take my concerns seriously. Feeling frustrated, a friend referred me to ProFertility. With their support and assessment, we confirmed endometriosis. Now, working with their reproductive surgeon, I’m managing it. Grateful for their help!”


“I was curious about my sperm count but didn’t want to deal with clinic visits. I came across ProFertility’s at-home test kit. Easy to use with clear instructions, I received my results online within days, along with a detailed explanation. Understanding my fertility brought me peace of mind, feeling more prepared for my future family planning decisions.”