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If you’ve got any questions or concerns regarding any of our products or services, contact our team at, or call 0800 009 6636 between Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm.

If you haven’t received your results within 5 days, please email with your name, date of birth and customer number.  One of our team will find out what’s happened.

Your reproductive health can be pretty invisible. You could have regular periods, but have a low egg reserve. Or you could produce plenty of ejaculate but have poor sperm quality. And you wouldn’t know it.

Having a clear insight into your fertility will allow you to make accurate and informed decisions about your future. Testing early and regularly will give you the opportunity to be proactive should there be any reason for concern. If you have good fertility, we recommend testing every 6 – 12 months to help you stay on track. 

Yes, you can purchase a basic fertility test from some pharmacies, but our comprehensive fertility wellness tests offer much more than what you would typically find in an over-the-counter kit.

We take pride in offering a wide range of biomarkers in our fertility wellness tests, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate picture of your fertility health. But we don’t just stop there. Our clinical support is led by world-renowned fertility experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your family planning goals.

Our team of fertility doctors and specialists in wellbeing and lifestyle are solely focused on reproductive health, providing you with personalised guidance and support every step of the way. Whether you need help interpreting your results, have questions about fertility treatment options, or want advice on how to optimise your fertility, our team is here for you.

So while you can certainly find fertility test kits at a pharmacy, our comprehensive tests and clinical support offer a more thorough option.

We understand that the reliability of your fertility test results is crucial, and we take quality, transparency, and accountability seriously. Our commitment to providing you with accurate and reliable results is paramount, which is why we subject your results to strict internal and external quality control measures.

Internally, we follow strict standard operating procedures and quality assurance measures for all analytical processes. We also only use labs that meet stringent technical and administrative standards, and conform to recognised National External Quality Assessment Schemes. These schemes, and the labs that participate in them, are the same ones used by the NHS and private laboratories.

Furthermore, our labs have received accreditation from the U.K. Accreditation Service (UKAS), which provides accreditation to the internationally recognized ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories: Requirements for Quality and Competence standard.

If you have any concerns or questions about the reliability of your results, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, and we’ll be happy to address your queries.

We also have a team of medical professionals in the UK who review all of our test results. If any of your results fall outside of the expected range for your age and gender, a doctor will provide you with actionable advice to help you take the necessary steps to achieve your reproductive health goals.

We understand that purchasing a fertility test is an important decision and you may have concerns about the refund policy.  if you no longer want to use your kit or change your mind and wish not to collect your sample, please contact us within 14 days of your test kit being delivered to you. Per our Conditions of Sales and Services  we cannot provide refunds for cancelations made after 14 days of your test kit being delivered to you.

Due to the nature of our home sample collection kits, the kits cannot be reused. Please be aware that the cost of the kit and shipping may be deducted from the refund. If you need to cancel your order, please contact us at within 14 days of receiving your order and we’ll be happy to assist you. We want to make sure you feel confident and reassured when purchasing from us and are here to answer any questions you may have.

Hormone Tests

The home blood tests are finger prick tests. You’ll receive a sterile lancet which you’ll place against your finger. A hidden needle springs out to prick your skin and then safely pops back into the lancet device.

You then apply a little pressure to your finger and collect the blood droplets in the sterile vial. Typically, we will need 15-18 drops of blood for your home blood test. That’s about 0.8 millilitres or 1/8th of a teaspoon – so not very much.

You can read more about the at-home blood tests here.

Have you ever caught your finger on a staple? Or been pricked by a thorn, and a little dot of blood appears? Well, that’s what it’s like to use one of our at-home blood sampling kits – except they’re sterile, and you have to apply a little pressure to your finger to collect enough of a sample. We don’t need much blood, only about an eighth of a teaspoon, that’s all.

As we know, everyone’s experience of pain is different. We find if you avoid the very tip of your finger, where there are more nerves, and aim slightly to the side, where there are more vessels, with warm hands you will experience less discomfort.

There are no special requirements on where to keep your ProFertility blood test kit, as long as it’s kept dry and away from children as there are small, sharp components in the kit.

We recommend you collect your blood sample between Monday and Thursday to avoid any postal delays. The sooner your sample reaches our labs, the better because long delays could affect the accuracy of your results.

We advise against posting any samples over a Bank Holiday weekend to avoid any potential delays within the postal service. Before the bank holiday weekend, please collect and post your sample as normal between Monday and Thursday. After this, ideally, we would recommend waiting until after the bank holiday weekend.

You can still take the test if you are taking supplements. Some medications, such as antibiotics, can influence your results, while others won’t. So it’s always best to check with us first if you are on any medication. Just send us a quick email to

The lancets are “safety lancets”, which means the little needle used to prick your skin completely retracts after use. It also means they can only be used once. We recommend you put the used lancet back in the blood test kit, then send it back to us along with your blood sample so the lab can dispose of them safely. 

Try following our handy tips in the instruction manual that comes with  your blood kit. If you still feel unable to collect your sample, contact and one of our team can talk you through your options.

Please contact and one of our team will be happy to help you book an in-clinic appointment.

Please contact and one of our team will be happy to help you reschedule your in clinic appointment.

Sperm Tests

Our at-home sperm analysis test works by providing you with a discreet and convenient way to assess your fertility and works in a very similar way to a test done in a clinic.

You will receive a test kit that includes a sample cup, which you will use to collect your semen sample following the instructions provided.

Once you have collected your sample, you will follow the instructions to prepare it for transport and then send it back to our lab for testing. We use the same laboratory testing methods as those used in fertility clinics to provide you with accurate and reliable results.

Once your results are available, they will be sent to you digitally via our app, along with an explanation of what your results mean and any next steps you may need to take. Our goal is to provide you with a simple and accessible way to monitor your reproductive health and take proactive steps towards achieving your family planning goals.

Now this is important. The box must be opened as soon as it arrives, even if you’re not yet ready to take the test. This is because some components, such as the transport media, will need to be refrigerated immediately, and the gel packs will need to go in your freezer. Don’t worry, you’ll get clear instructions in the kit about what you need to do and how the kit must be stored. If you have any questions, please contact

The ProFertility semen analysis will give you an in-depth overview of your fertility. The test covers Sperm concentration – how many sperm there are, Morphology – what the sperm looks like, Motility – how many of the sperm are moving, as well as  many other markers to give you a comprehensive view of your fertility status. You can read more about the analysis here.

We provide a clinical grade comprehensive semen analysis that is no different to if you were to provide the sample at a clinic.  We’ve simply made getting tested more accessible by enabling you to do it at home.  

For more information on the reliability of the results, please see the ‘How reliable are the results’ FAQ above.

Some of the over-the-counter tests only test for the presence or absence of test factors and leave you with the uncertainty of interpreting faint lines or limited results. They don’t tell you anything about the quality of the sperm you’re producing. 

We’ve specifically designed the test to be analysed by a trained embryologist in a specialist, quality assured laboratory. So you get an easy to understand interpretation of the results and peace of mind that you’re making decisions based on an accurate representation of your fertility health.

Yes. It’s just important to keep the transport media away from the back of the fridge where ice can form and freeze the fluid. The gel packs can go anywhere in the freezer.  

While we’ve done our best to make sure the packaging keeps the kits secure, we can’t control how well the packages are handled in transit. If your kit arrives damaged, please email us at with your full name, date of birth, and customer number and one of our team will be happy to help.

In the kit, you’ll find all the instructions about how to do the test. It’s important to read the instructions slowly and carefully when the kit arrives, so you can get a good sample and we can give you accurate results.  

In order to make an accurate assessment of your sperm quality, it’s important to abstain from any sexual activity for 2 – 7 days before the day you plan to collect your semen sample for testing.

No, you should only produce a sample via masturbation, and avoid any type of lubrication. Lubricants can cause damage and even kill the semen, which will affect the accuracy of your results. 

Yes, absolutely. The amount of ejaculate varies from person to person, and even day to day. Normal semen volume is between 1.5 – 3 ml, which looks smaller than you think. It’s one reason we ask you to abstain from sexual activity for 2 to 7 days before producing your sample, as it can help to increase volume and help us make a more accurate assessment. 

We appreciate it can be a stressful time, and you might feel anxious about the results. Try to relax, and plan to do the test when you won’t feel rushed or pressured.

For the best results, we need a complete sample  for analysis. So if you accidentally spill or miss any of your sample, you must tell us You might need to do the test again and that requires a new kit. Just send us an email at and we’ll advise you what to do next. 

Yes. Follow the instructions and slowly add all the transport media to the sample.

Yes, absolutely. Just remember to follow the instructions for each kit carefully.

You can still take the test if you are taking supplements. Just be aware that some supplements will affect your results. We’ve listed a few of these below. Some medications, such as antibiotics, can influence your results, while others won’t. When collecting your semen sample, we will also ask if you’ve taken any medication in the last 3 months. We’ll need to know what that was as we’ll take it into consideration during the analysis.

However, if you’re on any medication and you’re not sure, it’s always best to check with us first. Send us an email to and we’ll advise you what to do. 

These drugs are known to affect your sperm and therefore your results:

  • Testosterone: the supplements that boost this hormone can send the wrong signal to your body and make it stop producing natural testosterone and sperm. It can lead to a low count or lack of sperm.
  • Anabolic steroids: used to build muscle. These drugs can affect your body’s sperm production.
  • Marijuana: the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana can slow down your sex drive and keep your body from making testosterone and sperm the way it should.
  • Opiates: these can lower your sperm count and affect testosterone production, too.

You should aim to collect your sample between Monday and Thursday. It’s better to do it in the morning to make sure you can post it the same day.

No, we advise against posting any samples over a Bank Holiday weekend to avoid any potential delays within the postal service. Before the bank holiday weekend, please collect and post your sample as normal between Monday and Thursday. After this, ideally, we would recommend waiting until after the bank holiday weekend.

Yes. We can arrange for a courier collection for an additional charge of £30. If you’d like to go ahead, please contact at least two days before producing the sample and one of our team will be happy to help book a courier.

Appointments - Specialist Consultations

Booking an appointment with us is quick and convenient, and we highly recommend using our app for the best experience. By downloading our app from your phone’s app store, you gain access to a range of helpful features, recommendations, and insights tailored to your needs.

Here’s how to schedule an appointment through our app:

  1. Download the app from your phone’s app store.
  2. Open the app and click on the “Schedule” option.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to book an appointment.
  4. Browse through our list of specialists and choose the one that suits your requirements.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finalise your appointment.

If you prefer to book through our website, you can also do so by following these steps:

  1. Visit our specialist page on our website.
  2. Click on the “Book Appointment” button next to your chosen specialist.
  3. Enter your mobile number when prompted to receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS.
  4. Input the OTP to access the appointment booking screen.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finalise your appointment.

Initial appointments are usually 45 minutes long whilst follow-up appointments are around 20-30 minutes.

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose the specialist you prefer to speak with. We offer two convenient options to book an appointment with your desired specialist.

Option 1: Download our app and browse our specialist page. There, you’ll find comprehensive bios of our specialists along with their availability. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to book your appointment seamlessly.

Option 2: Visit our specialist page on our website. You can explore the bios of our specialists and their areas of expertise. Follow the on-screen prompts to easily book a consultation with your chosen specialist.

While both methods provide access to our specialists, many users find the app to be the most seamless and user-friendly option. Downloading the app allows you to have all the necessary information at your fingertips, making it easier to browse and select the specialist who best meets your needs.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a reminder either through the app or via email, indicating the upcoming appointment. To initiate the appointment, please follow these steps:

  1. For App Users:

    • Log into the app and access your appointments calendar.
    • Locate the specific appointment and click on it.
    • Look for the option to “Join Video Call” and click on it to start the appointment.
  2. For Website Users:

    • Log into your user portal on our website.
    • Navigate to your appointments calendar.
    • Find the scheduled appointment and click on it.
    • Look for the “Join Video Call” button and click on it to begin the appointment.

By following these steps, you will be able to seamlessly join the video call and start your appointment as scheduled. If you have any technical difficulties or require further assistance, our support team is available to help you navigate the process.

Check you have: 

  • Good reception, if it’s a phone appointment
  • Good wifi or 4G/5G mobile internet.

Where to take the call:

Find a peaceful and comfortable setting where you can freely discuss your health. It is advisable to choose a location where you are unlikely to be interrupted.

Please avoid the following situations during the call:

  1. Being in a public place: Opt for a private setting where you can maintain confidentiality.

  2. Being on a bus or train: These environments can be noisy and distracting, hindering effective communication.

  3. Engaging in other activities during the call: Dedicate your attention solely to the conversation to ensure clear communication and understanding.

In case of background noise, our specialist may request that you move to a quieter area. It is advisable to keep headphones accessible if needed. Please note that if the specialist deems the call to be unsafe or inappropriate, such as if you take the call while driving, they will conclude the session for your safety and well-being.

Prior to your appointment, there are a couple of important steps to follow. First, please download our app, which will provide you with access to essential resources and features. Once you have the app, it is crucial to complete the questionnaire available within it. This questionnaire gathers important information about you, enabling the specialists to tailor the appointment to your specific needs.

In addition to the questionnaire, there might be additional intake forms that need to be completed. These forms vary based on the requirements of specific consultants, as they may need additional information to better understand your situation. We will send these forms to you via email well before your appointment, ensuring you have ample time to complete them.

By downloading the app and completing the questionnaire, you will provide the specialists with valuable insights. If any additional intake forms are required, we will promptly send them to you via email, ensuring that the consultants have all the necessary information to tailor your appointment specifically to your needs.

Yes, absolutely. We understand that matters concerning fertility can be stressful, and having the support of your partner, family member, or friend can be valuable during this journey. As long as you feel comfortable and willing to discuss confidential information in their presence, you are welcome to have anyone join the call with you.

We believe that involving your partner in the journey is essential. Fertility matters often affect both individuals in a relationship, and having both of you engaged in the discussions and decision-making process can lead to a more comprehensive and supportive experience.

If you cancel your appointment within the 48-hour period before it starts, then you will be liable to pay the cost of the consultation as per our T&Cs. You can read them in full detail here.

If you want to reschedule your doctors on line appointment please email us on: at least 48 hours before your appointment is due.