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About profertility

Welcome to a revolutionary era in fertility care. Explore your reproductive health effortlessly with our at-home test kits and advanced app. Whether planning for a baby, sensing something isn’t quite right, or simply curious about your reproductive health, empower your journey with informed insights.

Our mission goes beyond treating infertility – we prevent it through early intervention. Prioritise your reproductive health with our holistic approach, personalised support, and proactive care. Whether enhancing natural fertility or seeking treatment, we’re with you at every step.

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Understanding your fertility is the first crucial step towards achieving your family-building goals. Our easy-to-use at-home
tests for men and women offer the insights needed.

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Select and order your test. Download the app and complete your health profile.

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Follow the instructions carefully, collect your sample, post it back to us.

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View results

Review your results on our App. Get personalised advice from a specialist.

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Follow a personalised plan to improve or preserve your fertility health.

Speak to a specialist

Access our team of expert specialists from anywhere, thanks to our seamless virtual appointments. Get personalised guidance
and support tailored to your unique fertility needs without the need for a GP referral.

Fertility facts: Did you know?

Infertility rates


Around 18% of the adult population struggles to conceive. We strive to change this with proactive care.

Miscarriage rates


1 in 4 pregnancies face miscarriages. We provide support & interventions to reduce risk.

Lifestyle influence


Around 30% of infertility is linked to modifiable lifestyle. We prioritise lifestyle changes as a fundamental component of our approach to enhance fertility and promote reproductive health.

Male factor infertility


Men matter in fertility, accounting for 40% of all infertility cases. We provide at-home sperm tests and personalised male-specific solutions ensuring men are actively involved in fertility discussions.

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Nationwide access

We provide nationwide access to our comprehensive services through both online virtual appointments with specialists and physical ProFertility hubs across the UK. This ensures convenient and quality care, regardless of whether you’re in a busy city or a remote area.

Experts in pre-conception & fertility


From reproductive health, gynecology, and men’s health to egg donation, surrogacy, and menopause, our experts have combined experience of more than 45 years in reproductive medicine.


Our experts are world-renowned and have helped over 2,000 people achieve their dreams of becoming parents.


Our labs have delivered over 550,000 at-home hormone tests to individuals and the NHS.

The smart approach works


Emilia's Story

Michelle & Greg

“After struggling to conceive for a year, my husband and I decided to seek help. We came across ProFertility’s comprehensive fertility assessment. The process was straightforward, and the team of experts was incredibly supportive throughout. They provided some recommendations based on our results, and within a few months, we were overjoyed to find out we were expecting! ProFertility made our dream of becoming parents a reality, and we can’t thank them enough.”

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Not sure which service you need, or simply want to discuss your situation with us first? Feel free to book a discovery call, and our experts will be delighted to provide guidance. To begin, please complete the form below, and one of our fertility advisors will reach out to you.

If you’re not able to complete the form, email us instead at hello@profertility.com.

Learn about health

Our health hub contains top tips and advice to help you proactively manage your fertility health. It covers a variety of topics including nutrition, male and female fertility hormones, mental health and general wellbeing.  Dive into our resources to enhance your understanding of at-home fertility testing and unlock valuable insights to optimise your reproductive health journey.