At-home fertility tests

for men

Assess and enhance your sperm quality

from the comfort of your home

With rising male infertility rates, men play a crucial role in the journey to parenthood. Whether you’re an aspiring father or facing fertility challenges, understanding your sperm health is vital. Our at-home male fertility tests offer convenience and privacy, providing valuable insights into potential male factor issues. Take charge of your fertility and embark on the fulfilling journey of fatherhood with confidence.

  • ProStarter For Men

    In-Clinic Quality At-Home Sperm Test

    Assess your fertility health easily with our ProStarter men’s sperm quality test. Provide a sample at home, send it back, and our scientists will analyse key parameters like volume, count, concentration, motility, morphology, pH, and visual appearance to help you understand your sperm health.

    • 8 Sperm Parameters Tested
    • Free Delivery
    • Discreet Packaging
    • Receive your kit in 48hrs
  • ProAdvance For Men

    Advanced In-Clinic Quality At-Home Sperm Test

    Elevate your confidence with our ProAdvance Men’s Fertility Check—an advanced at-home test for a thorough analysis of key parameters. Simply provide a sample, send it back, and our scientists will analyse 16 crucial indicators of men’s fertility health.

    • 16 Sperm Parameters Tested
    • Receive a VIDEO of your sperm sample
    • Discreet Packaging
    • Free Delivery
    • Receive Your Kit Within 48Hrs
  • ProComplete For Men

    Complete Fertility Health Package: Advanced Sperm Analysis + Expert Consultations

    Supercharge your fertility journey with our Comprehensive Male Reproductive Health Package! Includes all 16 parameters analysed in our Advance kit  PLUS includes a 15-minute introductory session with a Holistic Wellbeing Specialist, and a 30-minute discussion with our Clinical Embryologist.

    • 16 Sperm Parameters Tested
    • Receive a VIDEO of your sperm sample
    • Discreet Packaging
    • Free Delivery
    • Receive Your Kit Within 48Hrs
    • PLUS 2x Consultations with Specialists

The smart approach works


Nick's Story - ProActive Sperm Testing

Emilia's Story

Michelle & Greg

“After struggling to conceive for a year, my husband and I decided to seek help. We came across ProFertility’s comprehensive fertility assessment. The process was straightforward, and the team of experts was incredibly supportive throughout. They provided some recommendations based on our results, and within a few months, we were overjoyed to find out we were expecting! ProFertility made our dream of becoming parents a reality, and we can’t thank them enough.”


Silent challenges
why early testing matters for future fathers

Male infertility often goes unnoticed as it presents no obvious symptoms.

That’s why, regardless of your current plans for parenthood, it is highly recommended to consider a semen analysis. This simple and straightforward test provides a valuable opportunity to identify any underlying issues that may affect your fertility in the future.

By opting for early testing, you gain a proactive understanding of your reproductive health, enabling you to address any potential concerns before they impact your plans for fatherhood. Even if you’re not yet ready to start a family, knowing your fertility status can empower you to make informed decisions and take necessary steps to preserve your reproductive potential.

Maximise your fertility potential
At-home sperm analysis


ProStarter for Men

Advanced In-Clinic Quality At-Home Sperm Test

Understand your fertility within days.  Produce a sperm sample from the comfort of your home and post it back to our laboratory and a licensed and qualified Scientist will analyse your results.

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