Douglas Twenefour

Specialist dietitian

Background & Experience

Background & Experience

Douglas Twenefour is a UK Registered Dietitian with extensive clinical experience within the NHS. He holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Nutrition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Food Science. Douglas’s expertise is in nutrition, and he is passionate about enabling people to make positive changes to their diet to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

His background includes nutrition for diabetes management and prevention, weight loss, healthy eating, employee wellness, and more. He also specialises in helping those who are trying to conceive or looking to optimise their lifestyle so they’re in good shape when they’re ready to start trying. 

As a professional member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and committee member of the BDA’s Diabetes Specialist Group, Douglas is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking expert advice on nutrition and diabetes care during pregnancy or preconception. 

With his science-based and practical advice, Douglas provides a practical approach that focuses on your lifestyle and health objectives, making it easy to follow and achieve your desired results.

Whether you need a specific diet to manage a health condition or want to adopt a healthier lifestyle to optimise your fertility, Douglas can help guide you on your journey to parenthood.

Qualifications & Registrations:

  • UK registered Dietitians (HCPC registrered)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) in Dietetics
  •  Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Food Science and Nutrition

Areas of expertise

When it comes to fertility, diet and lifestyle are crucial elements for both men and women. Whether you’re embarking on your fertility journey or have tried every avenue, our Dietitian is here to help you complete the puzzle.

Douglas Twenefour

Diet & nutritional support

Conception and fertility rely on the nutritional status of both partners, with male infertility affecting up to one-third of couples. Therefore, it’s vital that both partners optimise their nutrition prior to conception by considering factors like weight and cooking methods besides the nutritional value of foods.

Our dietitian specialises in providing dietary and lifestyle advice and support if you’re:

Douglas also offers expertise in managing diabetes, preventing weight gain/aiding weight loss, promoting healthy eating habits, managing food intolerance and bowel issues, and addressing high blood pressure/cholesterol

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  • Douglas Twenefour, Specialist Dietitian – Initial Consultation
    Douglas Twenefour, Specialist Dietitian – Initial Consultation

    Online Video Consultation with Specialist Dietitian. 30 min

    Personalised dietary and lifestyle guidance for fertility, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy planning, and more. Achieve optimal nutritional support throughout your journey with our experienced dietitian.

    • Preconception nutrition guidance.
    • Managing chronic conditions.
    • Weight management.
    • Nutritional support during fertility treatments.
    • Goal setting for upcoming fertility treatment.
    • Support for healthy eating habits.
    • Managing food allergies or intolerances.
    • Promoting overall well-being.