Maria McMaster-Howells

Women's physical wellbeing

Background & Experience

Background & Experience

Maria is an enthusiastic, energetic, and supportive personal trainer who specialises in fertility-focused fitness and training. Her personal experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility treatment to conceive her two boys has inspired her to specialise in fertility support.


Maria firmly believes that a healthy body is the foundation for successful conception, and her training programmes are designed to optimise reproductive health. She provides tailored workouts that build strength, endurance, and flexibility, preparing the body for pregnancy and childbirth. Her workouts are suitable for individuals who are planning to conceive or are actively trying to conceive.


In addition to customised workouts, Maria also provides personalised nutrition guidance and meal plans, For those planning to undergo fertility treatments, including IVF, Maria offers specialised support, including workouts designed around the two-week wait and low-impact, no-twist workouts for use around egg collection. Her programmes also include fertility-supporting yoga exercises that improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.


Maria is passionate about her work and enthusiastically supports every one of her clients on their fertility journey. Her expertise in fertility-focused fitness and training makes her the perfect choice for anyone looking to optimise their reproductive health and achieve their fertility goals.

Qualifications & Registrations:

  • MPhil Psychology

  • BSc Psychology

Areas of expertise

Pre and postnatal personal fitness training to support your fertility journey (for individuals and couples).

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Fitness, exercise & weight loss

Getting into shape, staying active, and improving your physical health can help with getting pregnant, pregnancy and your mental wellbeing.


If you’re trying to conceive, preparing for fertility treatment, trying to get a handle on your BMI, or just trying to improve your fertility through a nutritional diet, but are confused and unsure about where to start, then don’t worry, Maria can help.

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