Are you keen to conceive but your partner is struggling to get pregnant?

Although fertility issues are a common issue for women, the problem can be down to the man. A number of factors can affect how fertile a man is, including the quality of your sperm. One of the most common factors contributing to male fertility issues is a low sperm count. 

Even if you’re not trying to conceive, having a fertility test can be useful if you’re considering doing so in the near future. 


Did you know that research has found around 15-20% of fertility issues are due to a low sperm count or poor quality sperm?

Other issues that can affect a man’s fertility include your lifestyle. If you often smoke, drink excess amounts of alcohol or take drugs, or have a poor diet, it can impact male fertility. The reason for this is because such habits can cause hormonal changes, reduce the production of sperm and impact sperm function.

Using one of our male fertility tests can help you decide whether to seek further help from a GP. 

They can advise you as to whether you need to make lifestyle changes. Since our fertility tests can be performed at home, they’re extremely convenient and discreet. Our aim is to help provide you with specialist testing and advice much faster.

Although age is more likely to impact women, older men can also find it more difficult to conceive. That’s because the sperm often declines in quality as men get older. 

Before taking a Spermcheck fertility test at home, it’s important to check you have no underlying medical conditions. 

Some medical conditions can affect male fertility, including diabetes and genetic conditions. Additionally, some medications, including those used to treat autoimmune disorders, can impact sperm production. 

Another condition that can affect male fertility is a varicocele. This is a swelling of the veins that drain the testicle. It is a common cause of male infertility and affects around 15% of all men and around 40% of men being evaluated for infertility. If you take a spermcheck fertility test and it doesn’t show problems in that area, it’s important to check with a doctor. They can help identify any other issues you might have.


Along with providing fertility tests, we can provide advice on boosting your chances of you or your partner getting pregnant. We appreciate that conception support can be invaluable, preventing you from losing hope during your journey towards having a baby. Our experts can support you at every stage of the process, from family planning and counselling to procedures like fertility preservation. 

If you’re looking for spermcheck fertility at home tests, find out more about Profertility Limited today.