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With rising male infertility rates, men play a crucial role in the journey to parenthood. Whether you’re an aspiring father or facing fertility challenges, understanding your sperm health is vital. Our at-home male fertility tests offer convenience and privacy, providing valuable insights into potential male factor issues. Take charge of your fertility and embark on the fulfilling journey of fatherhood with confidence.

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Maximise Your Fertility Potential With At-Home Sperm Analysis

Clinical Excellence

Your sample will be analysed by real scientists specialising in male sperm, ensuring clinical-grade accuracy without any gimmicks.

Comprehensive Sperm Analysis

Our at-home sperm test kit provides a rigorous clinical analysis of your sperm, measuring 8 key parameters, offering insights that matter.

Convenient Sample Collection

Say goodbye to clinic visits. Collect your sperm sample comfortably from the privacy of your own home.

Quick Results

Receive your sperm health analysis in just 48 hours.

Expert Guidance

Access personalised advice from specialists, tailored to optimising your sperm health.

Shape Your Future

Embrace the possibilities of family planning armed with valuable information, shaping your choices and creating the future you envision.

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Silent challenges
why early testing matters

Male infertility often goes unnoticed as it presents no obvious symptoms.

That’s why, regardless of your current plans for parenthood, it is highly recommended to consider a semen analysis. This simple and straightforward test provides a valuable opportunity to identify any underlying issues that may affect your fertility in the future.

By opting for early testing, you gain a proactive understanding of your reproductive health, enabling you to address any potential concerns before they impact your plans for fatherhood. Even if you’re not yet ready to start a family, knowing your fertility status can empower you to make informed decisions and take necessary steps to preserve your reproductive potential.

Why Choose ProFertility?

At ProFertility, we understand that your journey to fatherhood matters deeply.  Our at-home sperm test empowers men to proactively manage their reproductive health journey and assess the vitality of their sperm. Our comprehensive at-home test kits offer:

  • Analysis of crucial fertility factors, including eight essential biomarkers: volume, count, concentration, motility, morphology, pH, and visual appearance.
  • Expertly-curated insights into your sperm health and overall well-being.

  • Expert medical advice tailored to your unique needs.

  • A simple, stress-free process that fits your lifestyle.

Empowering you with knowledge to make informed decisions.

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Start your journey to a healthier reproductive future. Order your ProFertility at-home sperm test kit now and take control of your fertility health.

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"I didn't have to make appointments or visit a clinic. ProFertility's at-home kit was a game-changer for me. Quick, easy, and private!"

Steve G.

"I was amazed at how fast I received my results. In just a couple of days, I had a wealth of information about my sperm health."

Daniel Sanders

"ProFertility's kit taught me so much about my sperm. It's like getting to know a part of myself I never understood before."

Michael L.

"Currently working with ProFertility's nutritionist to boost my sperm health. It's an exciting journey to optimise my health."


"Joined ProFertility's coaching program to prep for IVF treatment in six months. I feel proactive and empowered about my future as a father."

Thomas Adeyemi

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Every step of this journey is tailored to empower your reproductive health journey and provide insights tailored to your unique situation.

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Start your journey to a healthier reproductive future. Order your ProFertility at-home sperm test kit now and take control of your fertility health.

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