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Are you tired of facing the challenges of reproductive health alone? Do you long for a proactive approach to improving your well-being? At ProFertility, we’re here to offer you a clear path to reproductive wellness. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that often accompany this journey. But with ProFertility, you can take control of your reproductive health, overcome debilitating symptoms, and pave the way for your future fertility and family planning goals. Plus, get started with a 10% discount!

Conditions We Can Address

At ProFertility, we specialize in treating a wide range of reproductive health issues, including but not limited to:

Uterine Fibroids

Irregular Periods

Hormonal Imbalances

Ovarian Cysts


Recurrent Miscarriage

Pelvic Inflammation Disease

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


Menopausal symptoms

Difficulties Getting Pregnant

Primary & Secondary Infertility

If you’re facing any of these challenges, ProFertility can provide the expertise and support you need to regain control of your reproductive health.

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Rachel's Story:
Meet Rachel - Just Like You

Meet Rachel, a Chef from Manchester, who, like many, faced the silent struggle of endometriosis. For years, she endured painful, debilitating periods, convinced that her suffering was simply a normal part of being a woman. Her GP’s solution was always the same – the pill. Frustrated and wanting to start a family, Rachel turned to ProFertility. 

Through ProFertility, Rachel had an initial consultation, scans, and blood tests that ruled out other conditions before a laparoscopy confirmed endometriosis. Now, with ProFertility’s support, she’s managing her condition and working toward natural conception, feeling more positive and empowered.

Just like Rachel, you can find answers and hope through ProFertility.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

ProFertility offers virtual consultations with expert reproductive surgeons, fertility specialists, and wellness experts who provide comprehensive support. Our holistic approach ensures you not only receive expert guidance but also become part of a community of resilient women who share their experiences and support each other.

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Meet Our Expert
Dr Justin Chu

Meet our renowned Specialist, Dr Justin Chu, an exceptionally experienced Clinical Lead and Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. Dr Chu completed his medical training at the University of Birmingham and received specialised training in obstetrics and gynaecology, followed by sub-specialty training in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. With Dr Chu’s expertise, you’re in capable hands.

£ 185.00


Your Personalised Consultation

When you book a consultation with Dr Justin Chu, you’re taking the first vital step toward a better you. Here’s what you can expect:

Virtual Convenience

Your initial consultation is virtual, allowing you to discuss your concerns from the comfort of your own space

Comprehensive Assessment

Dr Chu takes the time to understand your symptoms, medical history, and family planning goals

Personalised Treatment Plan

Together with Dr Chu, create a personalised treatment plan focused on resolving your issues and providing symptom relief.

How it Works?


Order Your Virtual Consultation.


Receive Your Link:

Shortly after, you'll receive an email with instructions and a link to book a convenient time for your appointment with Dr Chu.


Complete Medical History Form:

Prior to your consultation, complete a medical history form to provide Dr Chu with essential information.


Join Your Virtual Consultation:

Join your virtual consultation by downloading our user-friendly app. At your scheduled time, speak directly with Dr Chu to receive expert guidance.


Receive Your Personalised Action Plan:

Dr Chu will work with you to develop a personalised action plan addressing your symptoms. Input from other specialists will be included where needed.

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ProFertility changed my life! I struggled with fibroids for years, they took time to listen to how I was feeling and it was just super easy to communicate with them. It's been a few months now following treatment and I'm living my life to the fullest now!


I had been grappling with an endometriosis diagnosis for quite a while. What made my experience with ProFertility truly remarkable was was talking to experts who really understood endometriosis. Our first session was incredibly informative, and for the first time in years, I could really grasp what was happening to me. By the end of the consultation, I felt much more empowered. I was also pleasantly surprised by how fast they scheduled my scan and laparoscopy!

Emily P

I've gained more knowledge about PCOS with ProFertility than I ever did from my GP. It's exhilarating to realize that I can overcome these symptoms and still pursue a natural pregnancy, despite my initial concerns. I'm truly grateful that one of my clients (believe it or not!) referred me to ProFertility.


We faced recurrent miscarriages and were losing hope. ProFertility's dedicated team supported us through our journey, and today, we're the proud parents of twins.

David and Lisa

Secondary infertility caught us by surprise. ProFertility not only diagnosed the issue but also provided us with the support needed to expand our family.

Mark and Emily

I had been struggling with intense menstrual pain for years, but my GP didn’t take my concerns seriously. Feeling frustrated, a friend referred me to ProFertility. With their support and assessment, we confirmed endometriosis

Emilia - March 2023

Your Journey Begins Now

Join countless women who have taken control of their reproductive health with ProFertility. With us, you’re not just a patient; you’re a valued individual with unique needs and dreams. Let us help you achieve them.


Don’t let reproductive health challenges hold you back any longer, Resilient Rachel. Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you by booking a consultation with Dr Justin Chu and enjoy a 10% discount. Your journey to wellness starts here.

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